In a big surprise for Xiaomi due to lack of demand for smartphones, revenue fell by more than 18 percent

Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi’s revenue fell 18.9 percent in the first quarter. Weak demand for smartphones has had a major impact on the company’s earnings. The company’s sales in the first quarter stood at CNY 59.5 billion (about Rs 4,91,900 crore). This is up from CNY 73.35 billion (about Rs 6,06,400 crore) in the … Read more

Apple may be surprised by the weakness of consumer demand, there is a possibility of a decline in revenue

Apple’s quarterly revenue, the American company that makes the iPhone popular all over the world, could decrease by more than four percent. The company’s revenue is expected to decline for the second quarter in a row as consumers cut back on non-essential purchases such as iPhones and Mac computers and slow growth in its services … Read more